Wednesday, 23 June 2010

First date of the summer

Following 2/3 more "phone dates", each over 20 minutes I finally had a real date with Mr Garden and... I shouldn't have let the phone chat past the 10 minutes. He is sweet but... he looks older than his picture, I can get over that, he is just not my type. Too shy, not enough "Humpf" for me.
We went to a nice'ish pub (let's be fair, there isn't much potential, pub wise, around where I live). We both had soft drinks and, mainly, I spoke. I tried to prod him to tell me more about himself but he remain silence most of the time. And, yes, I filled in the gaps.
Oh well, at least it was good practice for my next date, hopefully next week, with an ex US army pilot, Mr Top Gun? I just have to hope that he is taller than the original Mr Top Gun!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Back in the game!

I'm finally back in the game. So I had my first phone exchange with the latest suitor. And.... I failed!
22 minutes on the phone. But I did made my excuse first.
And... he still didn't ask me out. Oh boy...
He did start asking me which evening I would be free this week, slightly raising my hopes. Busy tomorrow night, busy at home baking Friday night.
Him:  "Oh, I guess you can talk whilst you're baking, no?"
Me: "Er... I guess, but they are new recipes so you might hear some French swearing"
Him: "That's ok, I already know merde..."
Great, so I have a phone date with a guy who lives 5 minutes from mine.