Sunday, 25 April 2010


I am still amazed by the arrogance of some men, mainly it seems, French compatriots. May be there is some truth in the stereotype after all.
As I am chatting to this new guy Mr FrenchY (okay, I did break the Rules, again, and spoke to him on IM) he suggest we meet to watch a movie... tonight, as in just as we are chatting. Seriously? No. Really? Like now, now? But... I know, it's only a small detail... you haven't told me your name yet, or what you do...
Anyway, he asks for my number, I wait for him to ask twice and oblige. He calls in minutes. I wait a bit to answer. And he insists about going to the movie... still tonight. When I say I have things to do he suggest that I do them tomorrow. When I explain that even without that it would be a one hour and a half journey, he offers to send me one of his company cabs (does he work for a cab office???) and to drive me home after the movie.
Err... I think he may have me confused with a high class lady of the night...
I've left him to his Lalaland world for tonight and will see whether he will try to come up with a more decent offer later in the week...
I think that this may have been another bit of Rules-Karma...

No dates weekend, but plenty of web

The new website is proving popular. I have already received quite a few "winks" and a few messages. I have decided to try my sidekick's advice and leave my account open whilst I do other thing and I usually come back to a few winks and messages.

I also got an IM (Instant Message) from some strange character who assume that has my compatriot and because he believes himself to be good looking I should be happy to just chat with him despite the fact that he has no pic on his profile and absolutely no information other than his nationality and language he speaks... Bless him. I kindly asked him to provide pic and more info and he got all upset. I remained polite and wished him luck and a good weekend. That was yesterday, today he is still trying. God bless him and his innocence. I truely can't be asked. He keep saying how I won't be disappointed by his looks. Truth is at the moment it's his attitude that I don't like, so he can keep on walking!

Otherwise, Mr Essex is back on the scene and I should be catching up with him on Wednesday. Let see what happens.

And yes, Mr TDH is still AWOL. I know, I know.... NEXT!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

First night on the new site

And I already started cheating and going the "non-rules" way... Oh boy!
I have "winked" at men... and for my punishment, I couldn't even e-mail the only one who winked back! Is it Rules-Karma?
I have also answered an instant message and chatted with him for over one hour... So non-ruly!
I am now afraid of what Rules-Karma has in store for me! My name is L'Amoureuse...

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Zone 6

This is how my cousin has decided to rename "getting lucky". Yes, this is following Mr French's comment following our date. I guess I won't need to explain Zone 7...
I have now fully sign up to the site suggested by my dating sidekick and have already received a message, despite my profile being pretty bare, except for 3 pictures and the strict minimum.
Let see if I get to Zone 6 now!

Monday, 19 April 2010

The return

Sorry all, I have been busy looking after family for the last week, so no dates.
But following many, not so settle, hints, I have agreed to follow one of my friends advise and register with another website. I have also booked another singles party for early next month.
And in case you were wondering, still no news from Mr TDH, kind of hoping that it is due to the volcano cloud. Or is it just the new version of the grand piano?
Maybe I should just stop making excuses for him and start facing the facts: HE IS JUST NOT THAT INTO ME!!!!
So what would a good Rules girl say at this stage?

Monday, 12 April 2010

A bad day...

I am so not having a good day. No date for this week, yet. The lovely guy I was chatting to on the new website seems to have vanished, despite being on line today he hasn't answers my latest e-mail with my available days for a lunch date. I think that is another one lost to the Rules.
I texted Mr Essex, I know I did wait quite a bit on that one, to be fair I had a busy weekend and genuinely forgot to text him back until tonight, and so far no answer (so not like him).

And still no news from Mr TDH.

Now I have family visiting for about week so that is no more dates for me this week.

Let's hope next week will be better.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

The return

You will be pleased to hear that Mr Essex is back. He made a point to let me know at 06:30 this morning.
A Saturday morning.

Yeah, thanks, but between you and my sleep I know my sleep better and would rather not be interrupted when I am on my nightly date with him!

Well, at least I guess it means he cares.

 On another note, I haven't yet heard from Mr TDH, but I did break the Rules and texted him. Only a small text asking if he had got back from Thailand ok despite the unrest there. This was this morning. And so far no answers.

Trying not to break the Rules

It's Saturday night and due to a few mad weeks and a need to catch up with houseworks and sleep, I find myself at home, a first in weeks!

And as I am sitting on my sofa relaxing I am trying my best not to log onto the new website as it logs my appearance and when I am on-line. The Rules clearly state that I shouldn't been seen on-line on a Saturday night... But surely if they see me on-line that means that they are too and therefore are as sad as I am??

Ummm... Good point... I don't want to appear like one of the sad ones and I definitely don't want to date one of them...

Well I guess I will just have to find something else to do tonight, like hanging my clothes to dry and watching the paint dry...

Still not kissing frogs

Mr Chef was nice, but yet again, no sparks. The other thing that bothered me is that at 41 he was still living with 3 flatmates... Now is it just me or is that kind of wrong? Not really a sign of financial stability. He has been living here for 17 years, so it's not like he couldn't have got on the property market.

Once again I am not sure frogs are my favourite dish any more.

But not to worry, I have another date in the pipeline, time and place to be confirmed.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Sorting the frogs from the toads...

As it turned out Mr Frenchy likes me... May be a bit too much...

After an odd message this morning ("Did you like our encounter?", what???) he admitted that he would have liked to stay longer and maybe even to visit zone 6 (where I live, he is in zone 1, posh boy).

Me: "is that your adventurous side?" as in adventuring outside of Zone 1.
Him: "It must be, why would you like me to come to/into you?"

... Er... Not really what I expected, I was more thinking along the lines of: "Fancy meeting up again next week?"

Ok, as a good Rules-girl I am staying away from this one, I just haven't yet reach the desperation stage!
So that was the boy, hopefully tomorrow Mr Chef will prove himself to be the man.

How many frogs does a girl need to date to find her prince?

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Lost in transit?

It has now been one month since Mr TDH has left for Thailand and 3 weeks since Mr Essex left, both of them should be back this week. Let see if those are to be continued...

French connection

I finally had a date, with one of the two French guys who have contacted me, the younger one.

As I picked up my phone to check the time, and see if he had called me, it rang. It was him, Mr Frenchy.
I just wish that I wasn't such a cheap date. After half a glass of wine I was feeling very tipsy and a few slip of the tongue turned me bright red... Oh boy...
Well he was quite cute, beautiful eyes, nice smile but a bit/very aloof. He kept checking his phone then told me he would have to leave soon as he had to go and watch the game with his boss. But he did say whilst we were at the station that, now he knew where to find me we should go for a drink again sometimes. Talk about mix message.
Next date, Friday with the French Chef, Mr Chef.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Back on the dating scene!

After, should we call it "a dry spell" (date wise, don't be rude!), I now again find myself with more date requests than I can deal with. Don't worry I am sure I will cope.
To add to it all, I bumped into a former crush over the weekend, he made a point to tell me that he was back on the single scene and that he would love for us to catch up.
Could dates be contagious, you catch a small one and end up with loads all of big ones?

Thursday, 1 April 2010

How can I keep to the Rules when spring is telling me it is time to mate?

Let's face it, it's spring and our animal instincts are telling us it's mating time!

More and more couples are cuddling up on public transport, snogging in the street and just about managing to avoid full on actions in pubs dark corners... And here I stand, on my own and trying to gently keep men away the Rules-way. And right now, it sucks!

I just want a big fat snog with maybe a bit of touchy feely, just to keep me going until I meet Mr Right. But as you all know, I am, deep-down, a good girl and so won't do it. But god, I could kill for a sexy guy to just take me off my feet straight into his bed for some dirty sex!

Never mind, I am now a Rules girl...