Sunday, 25 April 2010

No dates weekend, but plenty of web

The new website is proving popular. I have already received quite a few "winks" and a few messages. I have decided to try my sidekick's advice and leave my account open whilst I do other thing and I usually come back to a few winks and messages.

I also got an IM (Instant Message) from some strange character who assume that has my compatriot and because he believes himself to be good looking I should be happy to just chat with him despite the fact that he has no pic on his profile and absolutely no information other than his nationality and language he speaks... Bless him. I kindly asked him to provide pic and more info and he got all upset. I remained polite and wished him luck and a good weekend. That was yesterday, today he is still trying. God bless him and his innocence. I truely can't be asked. He keep saying how I won't be disappointed by his looks. Truth is at the moment it's his attitude that I don't like, so he can keep on walking!

Otherwise, Mr Essex is back on the scene and I should be catching up with him on Wednesday. Let see what happens.

And yes, Mr TDH is still AWOL. I know, I know.... NEXT!

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