Thursday, 1 April 2010

How can I keep to the Rules when spring is telling me it is time to mate?

Let's face it, it's spring and our animal instincts are telling us it's mating time!

More and more couples are cuddling up on public transport, snogging in the street and just about managing to avoid full on actions in pubs dark corners... And here I stand, on my own and trying to gently keep men away the Rules-way. And right now, it sucks!

I just want a big fat snog with maybe a bit of touchy feely, just to keep me going until I meet Mr Right. But as you all know, I am, deep-down, a good girl and so won't do it. But god, I could kill for a sexy guy to just take me off my feet straight into his bed for some dirty sex!

Never mind, I am now a Rules girl...

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