Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The new website

Well, that new website is keeping us busy (that is my "forced" kick side and myself). We both had quite a few hits, also it has drastically calm down on day 2. It seems that when you join they post your profile on the home page, that would explain the amount of success we had in the first few hours!

Of my initials few matches I have kept communicating with two, both compatriots (thanks god my mum doesn't read this blog or she would have gone and book a venue for the wedding).

One of them is a chef (41 y.o.) and already asked me out for Friday night, but it's a no can do for me, family visiting for the Easter weekend. But we agreed that we would catch up next week.

The other one is slightly younger than me (27), he works in sales in the banking industry and he is brand new to London, that should make it interesting. He too has expressed interest in meeting up he wanted to know if I was on msn... Well, that's not very "Rules-y" now, is it?

We'll keep him waiting for a bit, just so that he appreciate what he could have/loose. Now, that's "Rules-y"!

Enough chatting now... I have dates to sort out!

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