Thursday, 4 March 2010

Wanting it my way and the Rules way... Is it possible?

So Mr TDH keeps texting me, no calls. I have tried keeping off the text for a while but he just keeps texting more. And I find it difficult not too text back, he is very cute and very cheeky. But I am not sure he is pursuing me for the right reasons... and I am only human and have needs to. Should I just take advantage of the situation and make the most of Mr TDH? He is off to Thailand for a month so I guess we'll see how it goes when he comes back.

I have always said that he would be the one to make me break the Rules, my challenge, my Mount Everest. I am dying to text him "Just call me already!!!" Ok I know I shouldn't have but I had to send him a hint "Shame we won't get to chat before you go." That's all... Is it breaking the Rules?

Don't worry, I haven't gone into an imaginary relationship... yet.

I keep on going on other dates, Mr SA, Saturday (confirmed); Mr England, Sunday (confirmed) and Mr Essex, Wednesday (confirmed).

Mr SpeedD has no taken is profile off the website and not responded to my e-mail so that is another one lost to the cause of the Rules.

Not to worry, I already have someone else ready to take his place, he is of Irish decent, 36, a teacher and lives in North London. We've exchanged a few e-mails, a couple of texts and we are in the process of confirming a date. Should we call him Mr Teacher?

You never know I may actually learn something in the next few weeks...

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