Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Quiet before the storm?

Remember when I said that Mr TDH would be the real test? Well he sure proved it this weekend. We were meant to meet on Saturday night. On Friday he suggested that we meet at a Hotel bar near I live. I would have usually called a friend for advised as I felt uncomfortable about it, instead I just texted him back: "Sorry to be a pain but I don't feel comfortable meeting at a hotel bar. Any chance of a bar in a city centre? Maybe XX, YY or ZZ? I am flexible as can drive there. Vx"

Ok, I could... SHOULD have omitted the "I'm flexible" bit. Oh well...

Within a few minutes I got this back "No worries. Will think of a plan b. xxx"

Well, plan B didn't happen as he called sick. However there was plenty of texting. I didn't respond to all and just got even more texts. Some of them were a bit cheeky and I ignore the very cheeky ones, no matter how tempting they may have been (you can take the girl out of her bad habits, you just can't take the bad habits out of the girl). He did try to reschedule for tonight but as he is off for a month abroad tomorrow night he is panic packing instead. I guess if he is really interested I should be hearing from him in one month. Not that he has stopped texted me since the weekend, and always long messages ending with "xxx".

My Monday date was a no-show, I guess the fact that I only texted him after he left for his week away probably didn't help. No news since. Never mind. Next!

On a positive side, Mr Essex has been in touch. He wanted to meet this Sunday evening in central London. I didn't really feel like travelling all the way to Central London on a Sunday evening, it would have felt a bit too much like work. He agreed with me and so we are meeting Wednesday next week instead.

Other plans for this week, Saturday Mr SA, Saturday or Sunday Mr England but he is a TBC.

To be continued....

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