Thursday, 11 March 2010

The... what? Oh... Rules...

Mr Essex should actually be called Mr Eastender... Anyway, we met in Covent Garden only to jump straight back on the tube to Piccadilly and... the Icebar. He had planned the all thing which was really sweet, except for one small details... I don't cope very well with the cold, i.e. I have a condition which mean that I just need to get slightly cold to loose circulation to my fingers and toes... But after all the effort he had put in I couldn't really tell him that. So I braced myself, put my own gloves on before adding their special poncho and gloves. The trip in the Icebar was quick, maybe 20 minutes before we came out, him all proud of his choice, me running for the candle holder in the hope to save my fingers.

During that short time I found out that he is a relationship expert. WTF?

He help kids and adults with relationship issues, traumatised, basically with social issues. And yes, he did try to apply his work to me and I think I have managed to kick most of it back, gently.

I felt pretty comfortable with him and he definitely felt comfortable with me. Maybe a bit too much. Pinching my ass may have just been one step too far. Although he did hold my hand too, on our way to the bar and then on our way to the restaurant.

And yes, I did chat a lot, a bit too much, and turned back to my work mode from time to time, after he admitted being an ex-builder. Worst of all, it turns out we worked in the same company at the same time working for the same Director. Suddenly I started remembering seeing his face around at my old job and busted him on a few rumours with regards to what the boys in his team used to get up to. Chatting up the Beauty girls and taking them back to their secret love nest... He felt silent for a few second. Could I have touched a nerve?

We agreed to meet again, once he is back from his 3 weeks holidays in Vietnam.

Has there been a special deal to Asia? Mr TDH off for a month to Thailand, Mr Essex, sorry Mr Eastender, off to Vietnam for 3 weeks. What am I to do in the meantime?

And for the first time so far since I started The Rules, my date tried to kiss me, and maybe for the first time tonight I followed The Rules and avoided his kiss. Maybe next time.

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