Tuesday, 9 March 2010


How good and well trained are my dates?

Mr Essex texted me last night to confirm our date for tomorrow, well he texted me last night but I was out with a friend so I waited until I got back to my hotel room to answer... at around 10pm.
He responded this morning and confirmed the date.

Then tonight I got the following text from Mr Teacher:

"Bonjour, 006 (rounded up to nearest spy number). How's things? Still on for tomorrow at 7pm? If so, will you have a bicycle, blue and white striped sweater and a beret? ;)"

The 006, refers to our first exchanges on the website and my skydiving picture. He asked whether I was on an international rescue mission or on a stunt for a James film and it can of started there.

Now, I know I have the memory of a gold fish, that's why I have to write down everything. So I checked my calendar and I did definitely booked him for Thursday, not Wednesday.
I send him the following text back:

"Umm... My super spy calendar tells me that we are meeting thursday and today is only tuesday. And of course I will be wearing my blue & white stripe top and beret, although not sure that's very good camouflage for London..."

Mr Teacher:

"You spotted my deliberate mistake! Your super spy calendar is absolutely right, 006... a jeudi ;)"

Yeah, "deliberate mistake". My super spy brain is telling me that he got our date confused with another one of his dates. But who can blame him?

After all, one should appreciate the difficulty of a busy diary. Night free this week... 1. When? Saturday. Surely I can't be home on a Saturday night. I should really be trying to arrange something before the end of tomorrow, only to be a true Rules Girl, obviously!

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