Thursday, 18 March 2010

A dateless week

This week has been long. A lot of work, a trip to Cardiff and then this morning a downturn. In the middle of a meeting I start feeling unwell and end up having to leave one of my younger colleagues to carry on the meeting for me. That's when I decided that no matter what, Friday had to be cancelled.

Mr SA, as usual true to his words, called me tonight whilst I was still on the train home. I called him back about one hour later after reaching home exhausted and irritated by some idiot who nearly run me over with his bike and having a go at me for not saying sorry (which I had despite the fact that he was in the wrong to start with! Idiot!)

So on this good note, I called the lovely Mr SA who, bless him, had tried to book a really good restaurant for us only to be told he needed to book one month in advance. Which in this case was a good thing as I had to cancel. He was quite disappointed that I had to pull out as he "was really looking forward to seeing" me.

Am I just buying time or just in need of a week off the whole dating thing? Maybe a bit of both.

What is sure is that I am still thinking of Mr TDH. I am not sure that is a good way to manage my expectations and it might just lead to major disappointment. I guess only time will tell.

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