Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Quantity over Quality?

As you know I joined this new on-line dating service yesterday. I have barely had my profile up for 24 hours and already I have been "checked out" 120 times,  added as "favourite" by 3 members, received 19 "winks" and got 13 messages! Best result ever!
At least until I twisted my colleague's arms into joining too. (Poor her, she has despite her become my sidekick and guinea pig.)

It turns out that we had a couple of guys who contacted us both, including one who sent us the message, word for word, all 3000 of them. And guess what he got for his lack of effort... Delete and "hide".
Now this is why my dating buddy (met at my first speed dating event) advised me not to join a free site! I should have listen to her. Rules girls beware!

Looking back through all of the messages, only one or two seem to be worth responding to. There also seem to be a lot of my compatriots on it, my mum would love it!

I must confess, I have been a bit "un-Rules-y" I responded to "winks". But I swear I did not send them any of them.
I also responded to e-mail under 24 hours... I did wait a few hours though... Well... at least one hour...

Must try harder.

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