Sunday, 7 March 2010

One weekend, two dates

Date 1: Mr SA, it was a rather pleasant surprise. I found myself actually really enjoying our date. It was supposed to be just a drink but as neither of us had lunch we made it a lunch date. The food wasn't great but the company was. He was really sweet we talked about this and that and generally had a nice time. As per the Rules, I made my excuses first telling him that I needed to make a few purchases before going home. He texted me that same evening asking how my shopping went and saying he really enjoyed our date and hoped I did to. After I confirm that I rather enjoyed it he sent me the following text:

"Seeing as we both had a good time, that mean we are obligated to meet up again! How about after work on Wed/Thu?"

Ouch... Wednesday I have a date with Mr Essex, Thursday I have a date with Mr Teacher. So I offered him my last free night that week, Friday telling him I already had plans for the two previous nights. His answer:

"Going out 3 nights in a row. Wow I'm impressed! Unfortunately I have a bday party on Fri night. Would invite u, but u would get the 3rd degree from all my friends, so prob not a good idea for a 3rd date! I've got plans Sat night, but let me know if Sat night suits u, as I should be able to change them."

3rd Date??? I counted 1 so far. I guess he is counting our meeting day as a date. Does that mean he will be expecting more from me on our next date?

I do like the fact that he is already ready to blow his friend to accommodate me.

After a few texts he called me and we agreed on lunch Saturday. Only for me to realise about one hour later that I had my horse riding class at that time. So I texted him to let him know. His answer:

"Talk about high maintenance! Is this your way of testing me?! Just kidding. Unfortunately I do gym and coffee with my friend on Saturday mornings and its kind of our regular catch up so can't do brunch. Let's make it Sat night again and I'll make other plans with my friend. B4 I call him, let me know u're sure Sat is ok. Once u let me know, I will wait 1 hr in case u change your mind :)"

Cheeky! But fair enough! At the end we agreed on brunch Sunday morning so that he didn't have to cancel with his friend, enough jumping through hoops for him. But you have to admit that :

1.he's sweet

2.he's keen

3.he's cheeky

First date of the weekend was a success.

Date 2: Mr England, although he is a very nice guy, there was just no chemistry. He reminded me a lot of one of my ex-colleagues, and as much as I loved him to bits I would not have ever wanted to go out with him. I could picture his house with the tea towels all lined up, the tins all placed in a line, labels facing the same way... you get the picture.

I am kind of wondering if I am not making a mistake here, he is a geologist (good salary), has a boat, a house with a cleaner... I forgot to ask him about his car.

Ok, those of you who know me will know that how much he earns will not make me go one way or another. Don't get me wrong, I would not throw someone wealthy out of my bed, but if this is all he has to bring to the table then thank you, but no thank you!

I guess that makes the second date not has successful, but I guess you can't win them all.

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