Sunday, 14 March 2010

Sunday brunch in Kew Garden

I met with Mr SA this morning. Popped outside his door at 10am on the dot, I left my car and we walked to Kew Garden. It was a lovely walk along the river. When we arrived at the entrance of the park he invited me on one of his guest pass. We visited some of the park and I even managed to beat my fear of height and walk up the tree top walkway with him. The view was amazing even if the walkway was shaky at places.

We chatted the whole way about this and that. He is quite straight forward, sometimes even a bit too straight forward. Admitting that at Uni he was nicknamed "The friend" for his ability of having so many female friends and yet remain single. I'm not sure that is the kind of thing he should be admitting to.

As you know, he has also asked me to review his profile and tell him if with his latest changes I would have accepted to meet up with him based solely on his profile. The funny thing is that today I received my new matches from another website, and guess who appeared in the list... Yes Mr SA, with what seems to be pretty much the same profile. At least he is consistent.

We grabbed brunch at one of the Cafes and that's when things started going non Rules way... I paid for my food. I know not Rules like but felt a bit awkward and didn't want to make him feel like I was waiting for him to pay.

As we were chatting he spotted one of his friends in the Cafe. He started wondering (out loud) whether or not to say hi. He decided against it as he had mentioned the date to him so keeping a low profile would make thing slightly less awkward. Unfortunately his friend decided otherwise. We then had to stop by to his table on our way out to say goodbye. It wasn't just him at the table, it was his wife, kid and parents. Nope, not awkward at all.

We then make our way back to his place to pick up my car. On our way there he asked me for another date for the following week. (Much more Rules like!) I agreed to a Friday night dinner in town.

So far this is my only date for next week, and is booked one week in advance at the end of a date. Unless anything happens before then I bid you farewell and wish you many Rules dates until next weekend.

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