Thursday, 25 March 2010

Slow week

This week has been very quiet.

My last date with Mr SA was just that, the last one. He did try to arrange another date with me for the following Friday, but I had to cancel following a long week at work (& socially). He tried to rearrange to suit me but, between me wondering how I felt about him and my busy calendar, well, he got fed up. He send me an e-mail and, being himself, told me without any fluffiness how he felt.

He felt that I wasn't making any efforts to meet with him and that he had pushed himself outside his boundaries to see me and all he was getting from me where one line replies to his texts and little efforts to arrange dates. Touché.

On another hand he have also restored his face in online dating as he was weary it would be full of weirdos. Well I guess at least I know that I am not one of them, weirdos.

As sweet as I think he is I'm just not feeling that spark for him, which I guess made me a doll girl...

But I haven't given up yet. I am still putting myself out there. I am chatting to another couple of man and I am off to a party this weekend, so watch this space!

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