Thursday, 11 March 2010

Er... Sorry... Have you seen the hot teacher from the picture?... It's...You?

Some people might not be photogenic but the more I date from website the more I think that either those guys are over photogenic or airbrushing has become far too accessible to the common of mortal.

Mr Teacher wasn't quite what I had expected, add a few wrinkles, some white hair and a good extra 10 kg. As for being 36... Well, I would have probably added a few dozens of months, but who am I to judge.

I hear you say:
"Don't judge a book by its cover!"
So how about he text me about one hour before our date to say he would be 15 minutes late.
"Fair enough, he gave you warning."
Then turned up another 20 minutes late. As any good Rules Girl I had moved to a comfy pub and let him find it with a minimum information. He finally turned up and apologises for being late. Apparently one of the kids at the school he works at went missing (Dad picked him up when Mum thought it was her turn)
"Well that a good enough reason"
Except that you forgot that I have become a Rules Girl and don't take any excuse for being late on a date.

The conversation was ok. But I think, due to the lack of chemistry, I just didn't enjoy it. I smiled, made a few jokes and made my excuses (work due to go to) and left. Not expecting he would take the tube with me. Thanks God he had to change before my imaginary destination, allowing me to carry on home. as if nothing happened.

As I had to make my excuses to avoid having to seat for dinner with him I am now seating at home with Rivita, Vegemite, Philadelphia and ham.

2 things learnt from this date:

1.Never go by the picture, always expect the worst
2.Eat before a date or make sure you have nice things to eat at home!!!!

The funny thing is, he obviously enjoyed the date far more than I did as I have already got 2 texts from him.

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