Thursday, 8 April 2010

Sorting the frogs from the toads...

As it turned out Mr Frenchy likes me... May be a bit too much...

After an odd message this morning ("Did you like our encounter?", what???) he admitted that he would have liked to stay longer and maybe even to visit zone 6 (where I live, he is in zone 1, posh boy).

Me: "is that your adventurous side?" as in adventuring outside of Zone 1.
Him: "It must be, why would you like me to come to/into you?"

... Er... Not really what I expected, I was more thinking along the lines of: "Fancy meeting up again next week?"

Ok, as a good Rules-girl I am staying away from this one, I just haven't yet reach the desperation stage!
So that was the boy, hopefully tomorrow Mr Chef will prove himself to be the man.

How many frogs does a girl need to date to find her prince?

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