Sunday, 7 November 2010

How singlehood affects your memory

The problem with being single and living alone is that on those days were you feel a bit down the only thing you have are the sweet memories of your life with your Ex.
It wouldn't be too bad if it wasn't for the fact that suddenly he turns into the perfect man, the one who escaped. And yes, he was great. Tall, dark and handsome, a fantastic dad to his little girl, financially stable and responsible, a great and caring lover.
I think it is only made worst by the fact that I had a date on Friday night and I haven't heard back from him. Yes, I know, it has only been 2 days. Truth is you might get the girl to read The Rules, but you can't get the girl to kick out old habits and insecurities that easily!
Don't get me wrong, my Ex wasn't perfect, there was down sides too. His use of the word "cock" as a tool to make me cringe, especially when he was drunk would be one and... And that's all I can think off. Damn loneliness! Apparently it also makes one forgetful! For my next boyfriend, I am keeping notes every time he does something that winds me up, this way, on the down days, I will be able to get the little book out and remind myself why he is my Ex!
Rant over and smile back. Until the next date...

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