Wednesday, 12 January 2011


A few weeks ago I met my friend's husband for dinner. He was in London for business and fancied the best curry in town. Luckily I lived near some of the best Indian restaurants in the country.
As previously mentioned, he is one of my fervent followers and we already discussed my harsh reporting of my dates back in Paris as well as the lost of my accent, and as we chatted over some papadum he comes back to my French accent or, to his ears, the lack of it.
I have now lived in the UK 13 years and have picked up the British accent, often to the disappointment of my dates when they first hear my voice. He truly believes that, should have had cultivated my French accent a bit more, I would be able to use it to charm any man. But I don't quite see how I can revert back, especially since most of my friends think I sound like the worst fake French accent when I put it on. I even cheer the French rugby team in English!
I think this is a loose/loose situation. Never mind, I can always use the card of my genuine French kissing abilities!

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