Monday, 13 December 2010

Trying harder

The last few months have flown by without me being able to see them. At first it was work taking all my time. I had a huge project to complete at the end of October. Then there was the aftermath of the opening, the closing out, the work parties and the stress of redundancy. This was followed by my first holidays since February, spent with friends and family in snowy France.
Don't get me wrong, there was a few, well, how to describe them... Incidents? There was the Engineer who despite being "madly in love" with his girlfriend fancied the pants of me and decided that a test of the cake in the window was OK despite the lovely cake in his plate. I can honestly say that I kissed this boy and didn't like it.
But all in all, not much time for dating. But this is the past and now I am ready to get back to my challenge.
First date Saturday with someone I met on line and spoke to a few times. He seems nice but... But, I won't judge him just by a few mails and phone call. You never know, he might just turn up to be perfect for me.

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