Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Do men read the Rules too?

If you thought the introduction to my new date was straight out of the Rules, the date was even more so.
We met at a nearby shopping centre and went for coffee, well Hot Chocolate for me. We chatted for about 2 hours before I realised I had to run and before I could go... he asked me out for dinner!
To be honest, I found out more about him over those 2 hours that I probably really needed to. There was time where I kind of felt that I was part of a well rehearsed game show, along the line of "Your family" meets "This is your life". But overall he was charming and saying yes to the next date felt natural.
Despite his advertised height of 6ft4, he didn't feel that tall.
So that will be date #2 with Mr Tall tomorrow night. Which mean... I better get to bed and work on my beauty sleep!

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