Monday, 24 May 2010

This men definitely didn't read the Rules!!

Ok, it has been a very long time since my last update. I had even started typing what you are about to read, but the trauma of that date (or should I say non-date) put me off any dating for a while. So here it goes...
The following was written on the 05 May 2010 and had to wait until now, until I fully recovered, for me to post it.
# Oh boy! Mr Tall has DEFINITELY NOT read the Rules. He cancelled on me at 17:30 for our 20:00 date! His reason for it? I did not confirm our date.
Er, let's rewind...
So the last text I sent him before that was :
 "Nandos on Wednesday sounds great. (name of the city)? Can we make it 8pm? It will give me a chance to get home and get my car."
 He then answered by text:
"8 is good for me! Not sure if this is pushing it so tell me if I am. but my work e-mail is as it's easier to message that way. Not to worry if you are busy though x"
As I was busy, I didn't answer, assuming that the previous texts were confirmation of our date. Obviously not confirmed enough for Mr Tall who this afternoon sent me the following:
"Hi going to cancel tonight as haven't heard from you. take care all the best with the search. Mr Tall"
WTF?? #

Back to today date 24 May. Ok, the above probably doesn't sound that bad. But here is what followed.
I went back to him saying that I didn't get back to him as I thought we had confirmed the date the day before and that I had been busy.
His answer? "I guess perhaps I'm an impatient person, or maybe unreasonable, but I do think that a quick text only takes a moment, so I guess I didn't make a good enough impression on you to warrant one. Either way the person I want to be with will make time and be happy to do that. So with that, and that you made time to go back onto "" last night rather than text me which tells me you're still looking. I think I'll leave it there. Believe me it pains me to do so x"
At this point I had to remind him that:
a) we had agreed the date the day before
b) I did have a life and was genuinely busy the day before, even if I had turn "" on before going baking in my kitchen
c) that what I did of my life at this stage was none of his business, because
d) we had only met once before
e) and that if he new I had been on-line, surely it was because he had been too
Believe it or not he texted me back to apologise for being so insecure and did 8pm still work for me.
Errr... NO?

So that was my last date, almost a month ago and I think it did seriously put me off dating for a bit!

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