Monday, 24 May 2010

OMG! Do women really fall for that kind of lines??

I don't usually name and shame and always try to use pseudos for any guys quoted here. But this one deserves his full credit! Let's start with his screen name: "Dark horse, hot blooded and stony hearted"
I know, not a good sign, but the best is still to come.
 His message to me:
"Hi Princess
it's obvious to any man that when God made you he really wanted to show of his artistic genius and flare.
BUT that not entitle you to my last Rolo.
If you want it and by that I mean if you like a challenge, come and get it. I will challenge you to a pillow fight.
Winner gets all, loser well she can pay for the Indian or Chinese."
He signed it with his real name and mobile number
Obviously he had a picture with that, looked liked an ugly boxer after a few rounds. I checked out his profile and I think this kind of summarise him (straight from his profile, I did not make that up!!):
"I know how to treat and respect a woman and I like to give my woman a feeling of power, self esteem, confidence and in the bed room I am always in control unless I say otherwise."
Er... No comments.

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