Saturday, 1 May 2010

New Date!

I know it has been a while, and you probably thought I had given up. And who could blame you for it, my dating has been that slow that it did feel as if it had broken down.
I can however reassure you and confirm that I am back on the horse! I have my first date in a very long time tomorrow morning. He is tall 6ft 4, an accountant and lives near me. Hurray!
Our meeting seems to come straight out of the Rules. He messaged me first and asked me out on the third e-mail. Sent me his number and asked me to text him mine. He called first and we kept it under 10 minutes.
I have been to the beautician to get my eye brows done and will be finishing making myself beautiful, in an understated way, through day.
Let's hope the date is also Rules like...

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