Sunday, 10 October 2010

L'Amoureuse stars in a Romcom

We were due to meet at 7pm outside a café in West London, he hadn't asked for my number and I wasn't willing to give it to him or take his. Except, I had got caught up with some problems at work and was running late. A quick look on the website and I saved his number on my phone. As I rush to the tube station I call him,thinking it would be nicer to speak to him than to message him. Unluckily I get his voice mail. "I am very very sorry, but I am running late due to work. I should be there by 7.15pm".Off I go in the tube station which is packed. I miss the first train, and the second. I finally get on number 3. As we come out onto the above ground part of my journey I get a text from Mr TV "Thanks goodness for that I got distracted and got on the wrong tube. see you there"
I get to the café as planned 7.15pm and within minutes so does he. He is shorter than I expected, somehow they always are, it must be the ft vs m that mess it up for me. He looks like his pictures, but again, not the way I expected. My day at work has been pretty bad and I ask him for a big favour, ditch the café place in favour of the pub across the street and a stronger drink. He obliges.
We get a drink and find a table in a quietish area. He is rather sweet, interesting and funny. Despite being a Assistant Director for TV series and movies he doesn't name drop, which is quite nice. I admit to him that I am useless at recognising celebs to the point that after my country won the world cup (the football one, there is no others ones here), I got accosted by one of the team's player, Marcel Desailly,  a few month later and had no idea who he was, even asked him if he was French to which I got a Oui and a silly smile, he obviously thought I had recognised him.
We talk about bad dating experiences and I tell him a story I heard a couple of days before.
One of my colleagues went on a blind date. She met the guy at a bar. They are both seating at a table when he fetch his wallet from his shirt's chest pocket. Out flies a condom and hit the guy seating at the table next to theirs in the forehead. He turns around and offers the condom back to my colleague "I take it this is yours?" She slides it across the table to her date with a Noooo.... Needless to say that she wasn't impressed but little did she know that it could get worst. As it got hotter (I mean in the bar, not between them) he went to take his hoodie top off, only to pull out his shirt too. And here he was seating in front of her literally half naked "This is not going to well, is it?" I believe that is the point when she left.
I am now looking at my date "I mean, how arrogant does he have to be to carry a condom in his pocket on date one?" His face changes, just slightly. I tease him "Come on then. Empty your pocket." He goes white. Oh shit! Surely not!
"Well, every guy carries a condom in his wallet. I always have one." I burst out laughing. "In your wallet, yes. But in your pocket? For easy reach?" He relaxes again and we take back where we left out on a friendly and funny chatter.
It is getting late and it is a school night. I make my excuses and we leave. We say goodbye, the French way, a kiss on each cheek with a promise to chat again soon.
He is sweet but I didn't feel the spark. I don't think we will see each other again.

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