Friday, 1 October 2010

Pimped out!

What a week!
It started poorly, waking up Monday morning, grumpy, late for work, feeling miserable. The weather seemed to match my mood, low grey clouds following me around with one of those silly rains that just wasn't hard enough to justify the use of an umbrella, yet thin enough to go straight through my coat.
I stepped into the office only to realised that the night fairy must have been dealing some pretty bad stuff the previous night for the whole office felt like Grumpy's family had come together for a miserable wedding.
By Wednesday I had managed to cheer up just enough that I could manage smiling on an on-off basis. It was time to go back on the dating website. After all I had lost two suitors and needed to get my potentials back to a more sustainable level.
I first e-mailed Mr Sparky. He had gone as far as sending me his mobile number and asking me out... a month ago. My e-mail was short and to the point: "Sorry I haven't been in touch for a while. Work has been crazy and I could not face my laptop by the time I got home. If you're still up for it I wouldn't mind catching up."
Then I e-mail Mr TV, he too had asked me out but had not yet asked for my number. The message was along the same line as Mr Sparky's.
Truthfully, I wasn't expecting much. After all, a month had gone by and they could have easily met someone or given up on the whole on-line dating thing. But as my mum would say: "Qui ne tente rien n'a rien" (If you don't try, you don't get).
To my surprise they both answered within 24 hours, they obviously haven't read the Rules! As a result I have one date tomorrow night with Mr Sparky. Mr TV needs to get his latest work schedule but it sounds like it might be another date for next week. But at this stage only a TBC.
The cherry on the cake came in the form on an unexpected text last night. "Heyyy... Do you have any plans for tonight?" I had to check the name twice. Mr Snag. My youngest suitor as yet, only 9 years younger than me. What is 9 years when you are 109? A drop in the ocean. Right now, it's almost a 1/3 of my age.
Luckily, 2 hours before I had made plan to meet up with a friend, not sure I would have been such a good Rules Girl otherwise. "Sorry, out with friends"
"Ok, no probs- was wondering if you wanted to come out for drinks tonight down the road... You know, I found out today that I will be leaving the project in 2 weeks :-(... Would be nice if you could spare some time for me next for some dinner/drinks...??? :-)" Eurr... Did he mean next... week? or next, as in "you have spared some time for Mr Smile in the office, now that he has runaway to another country I am next on the list"???
I assumed it was the first option: "I am sure we can sort something out"
I then did the mistake to share this bit of information with the girls at work. They have been following most of it in the past without a problem, but as we are nearing the end of our project and we need to get the works done by any means, my Aussie friend decided to pimp me out to Mr Snag!
Whilst I was out at a meeting he came to our office to talk to Miss Aussie who needed some work to be completed on one of her jobs. They started talking about the expected end of project party and he offered "you could be my plus one", she laughed, "I think someone might be jealous". Him, "Maybe you could put in a good word for me?" "Well, you sort out my glass and I see what I can do".
Is that really what I am worth? One outstanding piece of glass on a job? Really? I feel cheap. Very cheap.
Next time, if you are going to pimp me out, make sure you get all 257 outstanding items completed!

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