Monday, 4 October 2010

No sparks with Mr Sparky

I was quite apprehensive of my date with Mr Sparky, his profile said he was 40 years old and from past experience I knew that a picture might be worth a thousand words, but it can also be 10 years old and hide a very different face. 
About a year ago I had agreed to meet with this guy, just for a drink not too far from home. He looked quite cute on his profile photo and sounded kind of interesting. After a few messages I had some doubt about his state of mind but put them aside and met him anyway. As I was waiting for him in front of the local tube station I kept scanning any tall slim dark hair man who passed by me as they just whizzed by. Suddenly I could see this tall plum bad skin half bold dark hair man approaching me with a huge green. "Are you L'Amoureuse?" "Err... yeah...?" At this point I could have just run. I however took pity of him and hoped that he may have a personality to make up for it but just in case I planned my escape route "Just to let you know, I can't stay too long my friend is flying out tomorrow morning for 6 months and it's my last chance to catch up with him. So I'll just stay for one drink."
We got a drink and we had barely sat down that he proceeded telling me how he had lived with his ex and that she had dumped him after he suffered a major injury at football which made him put a lot of wait on. She also want on to empty his bank account and she was the devil reincarnated etc. I reminded him that "unfortunately" I had to shoot off, that when I realised that not only was he revenge full but he was also clueless when he asked "Should we meet again?".... Mmmm... not sure I really want to put myself through that again, but thanks for asking all the same! Obviously I wasn't that cruel and instead I just smiled and left.

I was seriously hoping that this time would be different and I was nicely surprised when I arrived to find waiting for me a rather cute man, looking much younger than his 40 years, smartly dressed and smiling. We go to the local Tapas bar. I assume that we are just going to seat down for a drink when the waitress brings us menus and he starts looking at it. Ah... Not quite what I had in mind but I had to go with the flow.
As it turned out Mr Sparky was interesting, we both love dogs but agreed that each to his bed and dogs and humans weren't meant to share bed. We had an interest and curiosity for all foods and would try pretty much anything. We understood where our food came from and both had seen the process through from the beast to the plate. We didn't see ourselves leaving for ever in town and like the idea to move out to the country side to a simpler life. 
Then, something went wrong, very wrong.
 First, I started to feel I need to show what a tough girl I was and the worst of my work persona came out. I almost went into cock fighting mode. It might work on my building site to get the boys back in place but never, ever, should I use it on a date... I quickly felt that I was loosing it. And couldn't really blame him. 
Then this lovely guy came out with the worst kind of stereotypical, borderline racism, he could have. Now, to place it into context I leave near a very large Asian community. A lot of my friends come from the World, all colours, religions and countries. When I travel I enjoy experiencing the locals way of live and understanding, embracing the culture. Him commenting on how a neighbourhood went down the hills once Asians moved in really didn't go down well, and just then. He had truly lost me. Shame, he was cute and had seemed intelligent. It just shows the impact of ignorance.

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