Sunday, 31 January 2010

Adjusting the Rules to Internet dating

No news from Mr Anonymous. After he sent me his e-mail address I dropped him a line, no answer. I guess he wasn't that into me after all.

But don't you think I wasted my time waiting for him to answer. Since my last entry I have put my profile on a couple of websites and shown my face in a few places. And I have had some results.

I have exchanged a few e-mails with this guy, lets call him Mr International. Obeying to the Rules I kept my e-mail very informal and not too chatty. We found some common interests, he suggested we meet, I agreed but did not give him my number. On his next e-mail not only did he give me his number, but he also asked me for mine! He now has my number and said he would call Sunday or Monday to arrange a place and time convenient for ME to meet!! OMG! Has he read the Rules too???

So we will have to see how Mr International comes out from the phone conversation. I have to remember to keep it to 10 minutes... May be even miss the first call and see if he calls back. Or would that be tempting faith a bit too much?

To be sure that I am not putting all my eggs in the same basket I have also started chatting to another couple of people. One on the same website, again, I have kept the conversation light and informal. I have not initiated any of the chats. I have waited for the man to show interest in my profile. They have either added me to their favourite list and I have reciprocated, this usually gets followed by their first message. Or I have just patiently waited for them to take enough interest in my profile and just e-mail me.

The problem with the latest solution is that them being interested in you doesn't automatically means that I will be...

The second website I joined promises to match me to people who have the same affinities as myself. The method of communication is a bit more complicated. The first can be an ice breaker or a set of pre-set questions to establish whether we share the same brain waves. The second step is to exchange our “must have” / “can't have” (a list previously selected in the long process of the hundreds questions requested by the website upon registration). Step 3 is the 3 open questions, you can either write them yourself or choose the pre-written ones from the site. And if by then you have not been sent a “closed message” (a nice way to say rejection e-mail) you get to finally exchange real e-mail and maybe even arrange a meeting.

So far I have managed to get to get to step 3 with one man and step 2 with another one...

As good as those websites are the one thing they cannot predict is the chemistry that you might or might not have with someone and whether they will be attractive to you and/or attracted to you... The only tools available on the site to determinate the potential attraction/chemistry I could have with any of these men are:

1.their picture

2.whatever bit of themselves they may have put in writing

So really, the only way I can truly find out is by taking a risk, meeting them!

But I guess this was always going to be a part of the Experiment.

To be continued....

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