Sunday, 31 January 2010

The phone call

Mr International must have read the Rules! So I was thinking of missing his first call and see whether he would call again. As it happens, I did miss his call, but by accident. As a true gentlemen he left me a message... saying that he would call me back later! The man has to have read the Rules!!! Or could it just be because he is 11 years older than me?

The minute I picked up the phone I checked the time, knowing that I only had 10 minutes for him to confirm the date time and location for our Date. No need for a timer. This was sorted under 5 minutes. He had already thought about the day, luckily this was the only day I had available next week, he had even thought about a Persian restaurant in West London that wouldn't be too far for me to get to. Although I wasn't too keen on the first date being at a restaurant (if it doesn't go well there is no easy way out), I agreed to it, hoping that I won't live to regret it.

The rest of the discussion was... odd? I enjoyed the fact that he had put some thought in the Date but I kept thinking that he felt uncomfortably with dating someone younger than him by that many years... He kept reassuring me that he didn't look his age and that he actually looked a good 10 years younger. Do I feel a bit of insecurity there?

He told me what he liked in my profile was the fact I liked the outdoors and sounded sporty... Ummm... may have to slightly rectify that. I enjoy a challenge but you won't see me running on a pavement near yours any time soon.  Anyway part of the discussion went to sky-diving and vertigo, that's when he said "we might end up at the top of the Eiffel Tower one day". I think I can honestly say that I felt very uncomfortable at that point. We haven't even met yet! Is that what men feel when their girlfriend drop the word "marriage" in the conversation? I swear I won't do it again!

Well, let's hope the date will be a bit more... comfortable?

Update on Thursday night.

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  1. you should give this guy a chance! Come on.. The top of the eiffel tower, how romantic! I think he's trying... can't wait to hear how the dinner went ! xoxo