Monday, 1 February 2010

The Confirmation

I can barely believe it. Mr International seems to not only have read the Rules but have written them too! Here is the message I received today:

"It was lovely talking to you briefly last night. That would be just great if Thursday evening is convenient to you. We can meet @ Tube Station @ around 6.30pm and then I would like to invite for a nice meal @ a middle eastern restaurant nearby (5 min walk from the tube station). I shall bring a bottle of wine as they don't serve any alcohol. Red, white or rose (please advise which you would prefer)?

Have a great day, in fact have great week and see you Thursday eve"

And to that he even added a link to the restaurant so that I know exactly where I am going. I just can't believe this guy! He is not just making the Rules easy for me, he is doing the whole work for me!

Let see how Thursday goes and as one friend would say, let's hope he is as good in real as he is on paper!

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