Monday, 15 February 2010

The day after the night before

So you will ask, did the Rules worked for you? Well, this is the message I received the following morning at 9.30am :

"Bonjour L'Amoureuse, Happy Valentines day! It was lovely to have met you last night. Hope I wasn't too risque talking to you. Keep in touch, and would be great to meet you for a drink when you are free. Perhaps when you are back? X"
Nice, but I am not sure who it is. I assume it is Mr TDH, he was the only one being risqué and I am pretty sure the only one I told I was going away for a bit. So as a good Rules girl I waited until the evening to respond:
"Happy Valentines Day to you too and yes it would be good to catch up when I'm back next week. Chat soon. L'Amoureuse."
You will notice no kiss back, hard to do when I automatically do it for my friends.

A couple of  hours later (whilst I was asleep) the following arrived:
"Hey, glad to hear from you. Thought that I had maybe pushed the boat a bit too far last night. Hope you had a good evening? Sweet dreams. xxx"

This morning as I read this message I am still assuming it is Mr TDH, but the problem is, I can't remember how to spell his name and I really need to make sure it is him and not Mr Essex or Mr B Essex. So around midday I send the following e-mail knowing that I might just spoil the whole thing, but I need to know:
“Now, I may have to add insult to injury. After confusing your ancestor's land with your birth place I know have to make a confession... I'm not sure how to spell your name... You flashed your card too fast. L'Ax”

Yes, this time I did put a “kiss” to soften the blow I guess. So far no answer so either :
a) he is really not impressed that I can't remember how to spell his name/think I forgot his name
b) he wasn't Mr TDH and has no idea what I am on about/ realised that I got him confused with someone I am more interested in and not a happy bunny.

Let's wait and see.

In the meantime I received a phone call tonight from Mr Essex keen to follow up and arrange to meet up over a drink. I tell him that it won't be before at least a week as I am off for a few days, he offers that I call him when it is convenient for me to arrange something.

So now I know it wasn't Mr Essex who texted me, this just leave Mr TDH & Mr B Essex. I guess time will tell.

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