Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Another Rules book

Oh... My... God!! I have been doing internet dating without reading "The Rules for Online Dating: Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right in Cyberspace". Obviously I could not continue the experiment without remedying to this catastrophic lapse. I have therefore ordered the book on the internet and I am awaiting it's imminent delivery.

In the meantime I have kept some of my Cyberspacemen waiting for a day or two before getting back to them. Made the most of my weekend away to leave them lounger a bit. I now have 3 men I am communicating with : One Turkish, slightly older(38), we will call him Mr Turkey, who sounds very nice and is keen to meet me but in a sweet and attentive way; One English, slightly younger (29), The Dancer, at the first e-mail stage and finally a Chinese one, again slightly younger (29), Mr China, still at the questions stages. And I just got another hit, this time with a older English guy (43), Mr England, we are now at the Must have/Can't stand stage.

On the other website I have the one guy, very keen to see me, who keeps asking me out on days where I already have plans, at least this time he asked me some questions about me rather than just talk about himself... slight improvement.

Mr Turkey has asked me out for last weekend, unfortunately I was away. He asked me again for next weekend, I offered the Saturday morning which he couldn't do and he suggested the Sunday whilst at the same time realising that Sunday being Valentines day might make it a bit awkward. I suggested that maybe we do "morning/afternoon tea", it would be more casual and less awkward. Let's see what happen there.

Let's hope I don't have the date before I get my hand on the Rules of Cyber Dating!

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