Thursday, 4 February 2010

Update on the Date

I kept to the Rules!

Although it wasn't too hard... I didn't need to worry about talking too much as I strugled to even get one word in. It may have been nerves but the man just wouldn't shut up!

So I got to our date a couple of minutes late. He had already texted me half an hour before to say that he had arrived really early and was already there. I knew he was eager but started feeling that the eager line was about 10 miles back and he had already crossed it. When I got there I struggled to recognised him and he didn't recognised me, although a girl staring at you with a big question mark on her face should be a clue. But it took him a good 30 seconds before asking me if I was "L'Amoureuse..."

The rest of the evening was all planed, he knew which bus would take us to the restaurant and had book "the best table" for 18:45, we were meeting at 18:30... We barely sat down at "the best table" (as it turned out it was the one by the big fish tank, nothing says I fancy you like a big fish tank) that he had already told me what we were having for starters and almost ordered my main too. He did say he was starving but still...

Once we ordered, well, there was no stopping him. He would ask me the occasional questions only to cut me off after 2 words and go off on one again.

So no my friends, no need to buy your wedding hat just yet. There was no chemistry there and despite him wanting to meet again I think it will be "as friends only"

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