Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Sunday's date

I have told you all about the Saturday's party and some of it's result but I failed to tell you about my Sunday brunch date, Mr Turkey.

We met as agreed at the tube station, I hadn't replied to his e-mail with his number, as I only found out later I could have actually send him my number and still followed the "On-Line Dating Rules". The good thing is that he did turn up and I was on time too so no need of numbers!

 He was a bit shorter than I expected, but I was wearing high heels, and looked a bit older too, than I realised that I was no longer 20 and he looked just a bit older than me, just as he was meant to. He had nice smiling eyes and a nice smile, a good start I guess.

We went to the closer Patisserie Valerie for brunch. The chat was easy, we both choose our meal (this time it wasn't chosen for me...). After discussing the value of French versus Turkish breakfast the chat moved on to politics. It was actually really interesting, and I enjoyed myself far more than I expected. After a while I made my excuses, I needed to buy a few necessities before meeting with a friend.

He sent me a message the following day saying that he enjoyed our date and that he was sorry for getting so into politics. I waited 24 hours and e-mailed him back with my phone number (he did sent his before) and saying that I really enjoyed it too... I truly believe that he deserves a second date.

Let's see what happens next.
Also Mr Essex texted me first thing this morning: "Morning, woke up with you on my mind! Have a great day!"
Rather cute...

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