Saturday, 13 February 2010

The Rules for Online Dating

I have finally received the Rules for Online Dating and true to my words I am already almost halfway through it... And, you guess it, I have already failed on a couple of points. Oh dear...
Apparently replying to an e-mail within 24 hours is a big no-no, so far I haven't done too badly on that one, but the worst is that you are not supposed to e-mail late at night. So how excatly am I supposed to do? I work 8 am to 6pm, commute about 1 hour and half each way and to top it all, I keep to the Rules by keeping my evening busy, so typically I don't get home until after 10pm. I can't really e-mail them from work so what is a woman to do? Well, this one rule my have to be flexed.

I have also broken the rule of not answering "winks", Mr China did "wink" me but my answer back was to ask him to go down the question road so maybe that kind of make up for it?

 In the mean time, this weekend is the big weekend. Single party tonight and brunch date tomorrow with Mr Turkey. I should have loads to report on in the next few days...

But before all that I will have to break one more rule and answer Mr Turkey's e-mail during the weekend to confirm where and what time we are meeting as he still hasn't asked for my number and I can't ask for his, but at least I did wait until the following day to answer, or is that still cheating?

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