Monday, 15 February 2010

The Singles Party

As expected the weekend was busy and I did get plenty of practice of the Rules.

I was running late for the Singles Valentine Party and so suggested to my friend that we meet one hour later than planned. I got out at the tube station nearest to the venue only to find out that she was still home. I made my way to the bar on my own slightly dreading the standing alone bit and having to wait for a man to come and talk to me.

At my arrival I registered for the speed dating session (good ice-breaker) and picked up my name badge and a lock (for the key and lock thing, nothing kinky) and made my way down to the Party. The room was already quite busy, groups of girls together, men mainly by twos or on their own. I walked around then made my way to the bar as per the Rules. A diet coke didn't gave me enough confidence to go and talk to anyone and so I waited a bit to see my first victim... err... man. I will have to call him Mr Noddy, I felt slightly sorry for him, he was quite sweet but so nervous that he kept nodding as he spoke. Being a good Rules girl I moved on after a bit (slightly helped by the fact that I didn't really click with Mr Noddy).

Moving on to Mr Lebanon... Well again, following the moving on Rule wasn't too difficult. He introduced himself with "L'Amoureuse!" (replace in real life with my real first name) "What kind of name is that?" Such a charmer that I just couldn't wait to hear more. More was mainly about him and his life as a man of leisure as he developed his hip-hop dancing skills and woke up at 10am everyday to spend time on himself. Ok NEXT!

A last one before the speed dating starts, Mr China 2, finally, someone interesting, with interesting things to say. We chat for a bit and again I make my excuses.

After the stress of those first encounters I do feel like something a bit stronger and so go back to the bar for a vodka lemonade.

Speed dating was also an experience between the guy straight out of a Bollywood movie, the one who could have gone to school with my dad and finally to top it all the one who dared ask me: what type of relationship I was looking for, whether I had been married before, when was my last relationship and... MY AGE???!!! Seriously? I mean is not like he couldn't find out on the website, but asking me within 3 minutes over a speed dating date??? You either think I look like someone you would want to date or not, age shouldn't even come into it at this stage... At least I made one new friend, a Mr French.

After a not-so-successful speed dating event I moved back to the main event to find that my friend had finally arrived. With a sight of relief I joined her for some more mingling. As we were chatting this tall Asian looking man approached with his friend and started talking to me... Actually, chatting me up would be a better description as he was quite obvious about it. I didn't mind, he would have ranked in the very large panel that would describe “my type”. Tall, dark and rather handsome.(Mr TDH)

We chatted for a while, mainly him complementing me, which I didn't mind. I kept clean despite him trying to take me onto cheeky roads, keeping the mystery. And it worked, within a few minutes he asked for my number. I gave it to him and made my excuses and moved on, as per the Rules. Whenever I saw him after that he would be looking at me and I would only give him a smile back.

After moving on I had a couple more men coming to chat with me including Mr Essex, I saw him earlier in the stair case and just smiled at him as I went up. He stopped, smiled back carried on down the stairs and looked back the all way down, I know I took a quick peek. Later on he came back and asked for my number... so did his friend, Mr B Essex.

By then, it was time for me to make an exit. It was late enough and I had a train to catch.

Oh, did I forget to mention that Mr Essex was a bit drunk and spilled his drink on my brand new dress! Never mind, there is always the dry cleaner.

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