Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Waiting for the weekend

Mr Turkey has agreed to a Sunday Brunch, this should be interesting. But before that I have a dinner tomorrow night to which a friend invited me, part of her convincing argument is that she has this really nice guy to introduce me to... And yes, it didn't take much to twist my arm, really not much. One again, I am only sacrificing my personal time to strictly follow the Rules. Practice, Practice, Practice. And sometimes practice comes with a nice meal and the opportunity to meet some one nice (to be confirmed after tomorrow's dinner, obviously).

The weekend is also bringing a single's party to which one of my colleague will be joining me. I have already bought a new dress for the occasion, again, strictly for the purpose of keeping this experiment as accurate as possible by following the Rules (Rule #1 Be a "creature unlike any other"). Life is hard when you are a Rules Girl!

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