Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Let's the challenge begin!

So my bible for the next few months has finally arrived (proof above). I now have to start the next part of the challenge : reading it. And looking at it this won't be a small challenge... 35 rules over 380 pages. Really? Does one need as many as ten pages per rule? How complicated are those rules?

I had to find out and so ,whilst on skype to one of my friends in San Francisco, took a sneaky peek. Page one sure gives you a flavour of things to come.

Rules Sampler:

  • Don't meet him half way or go Dutch on a date
(OK, I'm sure I can manage that...)

  • Don't open up too fast
(Ah... now, that might be more difficult. I have two blogs and a very active Facebook account. Needless to say more)

  • Don't call him and rarely return his call
( My friend came up with a novel idea for this one... Save his number under “DON'T CALL” on your mobile... This might get a bit embarrassing if you have one of those clever phones which reads out loud the name of your caller. Situation, you are on another date at a caf' and your phone ring “don't call”...”don't call”... Ummm... not sure how sane you would appear at this stage)

  • Don't expect a man to change or try to change him
( I think that this one I found out by myself a few years back... Another story better kept for another time and place)

Now, a few other pearls not in the appetisers:

Don't stare at men...” again this seems straight forward enough. My mum told me that when I was 3 but I can see again the sanity card being questioned there.

Don't discuss The Rules with your therapist” What?! Does that mean I need to get a therapist??? ( I am starting wondering who this book has truly been written for?)

So, some of the rules are a bit out there, but a lot of them seem just plain common sense. Unfortunately a quick overview at the content of this book tells me that I have mainly be listening to my heart/hormone/body clock (call it as you wish) rather than my brain. And, where every where else in my life I have always shown a lot of it, my love life has seriously been lacking of good old common sense. Men are hunters and woman are just another pray which, if they are clever enough, could become a life long trophy.

Now let's get started in turning myself into an attractive pray and must have trophy!

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  1. Great! i'm feeling the same time as far as heart is concerned but... don't forget, men are not made like us! They are hunters ! we need to think the way they do... (sigh)!