Monday, 25 January 2010

Interesting development

As per my last post, Saturday's single events ended with one of the man giving me his number. Like any good Rules girl, I did not call him, if he wanted to get to know me he should have asked for my number. But, surprise, surprise, tonight I received an e-mail on the Single's event website... The gentleman send the following message (names have been changed to protect peoples identity):
"Hi L'Amoureuse,

Nice to meet you - hope you got home OK.

Thanks for an interesting chat. I now know a bit about foreign construction and strange cultural differences. Here's my normal email: Hope to hear from you soon.

Ummm... Looks like the Rules may have worked, ignored him and he is keener... but about 13 years older than me... Not sure I am ready for that, although maybe I could use it to try some of the other rules? Or would that just be mean?
I could seriously do with Rule#4 (Don't meet him half way or go Dutch on a date). I just found some really nice restaurants in Central London, now that I am back I need to check them out!

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