Saturday, 23 January 2010

The day after the night before

So, I hear you say, "who ticked you in their "Yes" box?". Well as a true Rules Girl I waited until late the following day to log on and enter my "votes", it's part of the "not looking to eager rules...

After putting my ticks in, mainly friends apart for 3 "No", still following the Rules. The man MUST make the first step, Rule #2. Me saying that I would like to date them would not be "Rules like" so friend it is, until they tick me as "Yes" and send me a message to that effect... At least it's my interpretation of this rule for speed dating as it is not in the Rules I and I haven't yet found it in the Rules II (almost finished reading it by the way).
Once all my "votes" were entered I finally got to see who "voted" for me. I had 3 "yes" ticks, one who had one of my "no" votes, one who was a really nice guy, just not my type and one I would have considered dating but as of today has not sent me a message (and I think may have been a bit of a player anyway). I also had quite a few friends, including a few of the men I liked. One man did send me not one, not 2 but 3 messages. He was quite a nice guy, but again, not really my type and maybe a bit too eager (they just can't win!).
So here you go, I have started practising the Rules. It has not been hugely successful in terms of positive outcome but I have managed to control myself and change a bit my attitude to dating. But can I keep it up until I do meet Mr Right?
Well, I am back practising tomorrow at another single's night. This time my sidekick is another singleton, the girl I met last week at speed dating, as it happened last Saturday single event she was going to on her own wasn't last Saturday but this Saturday. She asked me if I wanted to join her, I quickly thought of my plans at the time for tomorrow night and decided that a Single's night out would surely beat a night in with the NCIS crew  followed by CSI.  Again, purely for the benefit of this experiment I have sacrificed a night in with Gibbs, Tony, Abby, Dinozo for a night out with real people...
Let's see how it goes.

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