Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Well, it looks like Mr TopGun as gone A.W.O.L. on me. Last text from him was Friday. I sent him one text on Saturday but haven't heard back since. I know that as a Rule Girl I shouldn't try to text him, but as a normal girl I think I might just drop him a quick text tomorrow and see what happens.
In the meantime I got asked for my number today. I met him in the lift at work. I was on my way out earlier than usual to go to my weekly class. As usual, I checked myself in the lift mirror, just to make sure that I hadn't left my trousers unzipped (like the previous morning), and being my chatty self, pointed out to the only other person in the lift how handy those mirrors were. To be honest I hadn't particularly noticed him neither was I expecting any kind of chat back as most of the men working in my building seems:
a) miserable
b) seriously up themselves
c) not aware of good behaviour (saying good morning, asking which floor other people go to and just smiling in general)
Taking the above list into account, I was not prepared for what followed!
He not only chatted (although he was on the border of defensiveness/aggressiveness/arrogance) but he walked to the tube station with me, took the escalator down with me and then, I almost fell off the escalator at this stage, asked me what I was up to tonight because maybe we could go for a drink.
Err.... "Sorry I can't tonight, I have my class..."
Him - "But you could another night? Maybe you could give me your number? If it's not too forward. If you're not interest it's fine, you can tell me."
So off he went with my number. And here I am, a few hours later, at home but with a date from Mr Elevator for Thursday. Practice makes perfect. Right?

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