Monday, 12 July 2010

To the moon and back...

Having enjoyed date number 1 with Mr TopGun I was kind of hoping he would asked me for another one...
And he did, pretty much the following day. Not bad!
We agreed to meet on the Monday in Chiswick. He choose the restaurant, I checked it out on the website and it seemed lovely.
I managed to get home early enough to grab my car and make my way to our date. I go there right on time and park in front, or near enough, of the restaurant. Something seems amiss...
The restaurant looks very dark inside, chairs are piled up and none of the chairs and tables you would expect to be set on the terrace by this lovely weather are no where to be seen... Oh, no... The restaurant is closed.
It's not as bad as it sounds, Chiswick is full of lovely restaurant, so finding another place to eat will not be a problem. I decided to go and get some cash, just in case I need it and as I am walking to the cash point my phone rings. "I swear, it is not like me to be late", my date, Mr TopGun, "I got a phone call and miss the restaurant and I am now parked miles away and making my way to you." indeed he is, I can now see him. Now, how do I break the news to him about the restaurant? " I have a bit of bad news... The restaurant is closed... But I'm sure we will find something around, plenty of restaurant to chose from."
Thinking I am being clever I go for the Thai restaurant, just across the road from the original restaurant... Poor choice. The service is not great and the food is just about average. But the company more than make up for it.
We just seem to click and keeping having a good laugh throughout the evening. once again, we almost get kicked out of the restaurant.
I offer him a lift back to his car parked so far away. As I am dropping him and he is about to get out of my car there is an awkward moment... and then it passes. He gets out of the car and we promise to get in touch again soon...
To be continued... Maybe?

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