Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A very close encounter... Maybe too close

I am not sure whether this count as a date, but I sure had a close encounter this morning.
I was running a bit late for work and so I rushed to get the first train in the station. Instead of the usual 5 carriages London transport decided that rush hour was the perfect time to try a 2 carriages train. It's not like if it was rush hour after all. Of course to make matter worst there must have been twice as many people as usual tying to squeeze into those 2 carriages.
I ran down along the platform trying to find which one of the four doors wasn't yet pouring out of commuters and would allow for one more wee one. I finally found one with what I thought was just enough space for one more. I never realised I could have been that wrong! Suddenly I had visions of horror pictures I had seen from the Japanese train stations where the station managers push the passengers to their last breath into carriages to ensure the trains leave on time. I always thought the Brits were queuers, not pushers. Another mistake on my part!

Some people would take full advantage of the situation, and I guess I could have too. After all, I did find myself having the closest and longest physical relationship that I had in months, actually, in the last year. 

a) I was stuck to this man's back, not the most flirt friendly position
b) I didn't know that anyone could be that sweaty/smelly first thing in the morning
c) Once he turned around I realised he really wasn't my type, no, really NOT my type...

The only thing that didn't make this encounter a full on sexual relationship was the clothes between us (yes, thanks god he was wearing clothes) and maybe the fact that the only body fluid exchange were "limited" to perspiration, mainly his...
Never mind, at least I can now claim a physical relationship. Let's just hope that the next one won't be in a year and that it has a bit less cloth involved and a much more charming man...

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