Saturday, 31 July 2010

Hot & Steamy!

What a strange couple of days. It sure was hot & steamy, but unfortunately, all for the wrong reasons.
I have been spending the last couple of days running up and down stairs to take engineers work in one of the hottest room at work. And by hottest I do not mean in the trendy sense of the word. I mean it quite literally. I need to stay with them to ensure they do what they need to do, not that I am an engineer or even understand what they are doing there. Anyway. Most of the engineers are men and all of the ones I have been dealing with were men.
You would imagine that this would be ideal to meet a man. If only it was that easy!
Yesterday I had this little grumpy old man which, due to many runs of bad luck, I had to babysit for over 3 hours. And trust me he was neither attractive nor interesting. Actually, that's not fair. He may have been interesting, unfortunately I could not understand a word he was saying. Imagine a pirate talking... Now, take his teeth out... Finally sew his lips together... Yep, this is the closest thing you will get from this man I had to look after. This was 3 hours of timely nodding and guessing game. Somehow I managed to understand that he was married... Surely this should give me hope! If a man like that can find a woman to love him, there is a chance for all of us! Or, she is deaf and blind.
Let's not give up just yet!

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