Friday, 16 July 2010

Mr TopGun must be suffering from Hypoxia

Surely, there can't be any other explanations. No e-mail, no texts, no calls. Mr TopGun suffers from Hypoxia. 
Hypoxia is when the body (or part of the body) is deprived of oxygen.
As part of their training most pilot get a taste of it in a controlled environment... Maybe he somehow got deprived of oxygen... Makes more sense than the grand piano scenario, and it is so much more comforting to thing that the incredible pilot might have suffered from such a lack of oxygen (obviously caused by the sight of my beauty and his undying love for me) that he is now unable to operate his mobile or e-mails...
One can always dream...


  1. i laughed out loud when I read that, sounds so familiar.. one day, Gaëlle also suggested that the guy might be dying under an "armoire normande" while trying to reach his cell phone.. lol !


  2. Thinking of it, it might be both... lol