Thursday, 15 July 2010

An old man is thinking of you, a young one wants to kiss you

That's one of my mum's favourite say whenever someone gets an itchy nose. Mine has been itching quite a bit lately, and it looks like mum may have been right all that time.
One of my colleagues at work to me asked me, in his trying hard to be casual voice: "How old are you?"
Me: "We've already been through that..."
Him: "I know but I forgot"
Me: "33"
"Would you consider dating a younger man?"
"Yeah, why not... Why?"
"I may have someone to fix you with..." said with a cheeky smile on his face
"Ok, who is he?"
"I can't tell you. He is quite young and he would kill me if I tell you. But let's face it, there isn't many young guys in the office!"

I would say there are 3 seriously younger guys in the office. 2 cute ones, one not as cute... I kind of have an idea on who it could be but the question is, do I want to play that game on my doorstep?


  1. careful there sweetie... same as dating your own neighbor.. what do the rules say?


  2. My friends have nice say for that "Don't shit on your own door step". Did I mention I have very charming friends?