Thursday, 15 July 2010

Karma, karma, karma...

Dear Karma,
I know I had made mistakes in my pre-Rules dating life. I know I may have sometimes scared men away by my over - commitment madness. I know that at some break-ups I may have reacted a bit crazy.
But seriously? You really had to make Mr Elevator that scary?
We met at 6pm. Ok, I was, according to him 7 minutes late. Not 5 minutes, not 10, 7 Minutes! He asks me where I wanted to go. Considering how precise he had been on where to meet, I assumed he already had a plan. Never mind. We walked aimlessly down the road. The discussion felt a bit too heavy. He is very opinionated and slightly aggressive (verbally). We finally stop at a lovely, very old, pub. There is no seat so we just stand next to a drink shelf. He is kind of cornering me against a bench, not literally but he still makes me slightly uncomfortable.
The discussion is difficult, full of awkward silences. Thanks god for the pictures on the walls and the old map to keep the conversation going.
After the second drink, yes I managed 2 drinks, felt like I owed him at least a second drink chance, he asked whether I would like to go out again for a drink.
I had to be honest and so said : "I'm not sure..."
That's when what had been an uncomfortable evening became even more uncomfortable, if this was at all possible.
"What does that mean?"... Er... I didn't think that needed translation or explanation... I'm just not that into you.
He then carried on with "Well that's quite ambiguous..." Really? No. Really?
And it carried on... "So what did I do wrong?" Me, "Nothing, you are a nice enough guy, I just don't feel the vibe..."
Oh, crap! Why did I have to say that?!
"The vibe? What is that?" " How do you know what I'm like after 2 hours?" "Is it because I am too young?" (oh, yeah! By the way, he is 28!) It carried on all the way back to the Tube station, getting a little bit more  verbally aggressive along the way... Then, something even stranger happened. The day I met him he was going down the same tube station I was. But apparently he doesn't usually take the tube home. He walks to a train station down the road from it...
He stalked me from my work's lift to the tube station!!!!
Now that I finally have a stalker, I am just not sure how to feel about it... It just doesn't feel as I thought it would...
Let's hope the sliding doors are more favourable next time...


  1. oups,please be careful darling. Do you have a friend you can tell at least where you're going everytime you go on a date? I used to give Janel the location + the guy's phone number just in case..


  2. A "Rules Girl" always has a back up plan and a safety net ;o)