Thursday, 16 September 2010

Another one bite the dust

Could this be the end of L'Amoureuse's vermilion's cheeks?
My girlfriends at work have been pushing me to find out whether Mr C was available or not. But how do you go about finding out this kind of information in a work environment without arising suspicions? I mean, it isn't like high school where you would send your BFF to ask his mate whether he had a girlfriend and how he felt about you. Although, to be honest, I had considered and even suggested sending my younger colleague to try to extract the information from one of Mr C's colleague. But the girls convinced me that this method might be too... risqué.
Instead I went for option two (Thank you my Aussie friend). I used his addiction to my cakes (he asks me everyday where is his cake) to innocently find out his marital status.
This morning, as I went into my client's office with a query the daily tease started: "Look, because you haven't brought any of your lovely cake I have to have this awful fried food for breakfast!" (on his desk seats an horrible looking sausage breakfast sandwich half eaten). This time I don't miss my cue: "Well, nothing is stopping you from bringing in your own cake. And if you don't know how to bake it, maybe... get your Mrs to bake it for you."
And the coup de grace, delivered with the face of a teenage boy caught looking under a cheerleader's skirt: "Yes, I guess I could." And just like that, Mr C's charm just disappeared.


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