Saturday, 4 September 2010

One for a drink, one for a tease...

Thursday was one of those days that could have gone so bad but just flicked on the back of a charming man... or two.
Work was going bad, I mean really bad. I was stressed, grumpy and with PMS, the mix from hell. This last phone call had taken me to the edge and I needed chocolate before my next meeting. As I stepped out of my office building my next meeting was walking in. "I'm coming to see you, where are you going?", "I am not meeting you for another 8 minutes and I need Chocolate!".
As I was walking along the aisle looking for that special chocolate treat, Mr Smile walked in. He asks what I am doing here: "I am looking for happy pills to keep me from jumping off the roof!"
Mr Smile: "I think they have run out. You should try that, I discovered it the other day, it's quite nice" He hands me some kind of energising drink made of a mixture of exotic juices including one that I had used only as a medicinal cream for bruises. I had only taken £2.50 with me and the price of the drink wouldn't leave me enough for the chocolate macaroons I had set my eyes (and stomach) on, but to be honest I didn't really feel like I needed the chocolate quite as much any more. As I am queuing behind him he grabs my drink out of my hands and adds it to his bill despite my protest. Now, does that count has him buying me a drink or does he need to ask me out for it to actually count?
We walked back to the office and I went to my meeting, much more relaxed.
Later on my colleague and I decided that we deserve to go out for a drink, to be polite I asked Mr C who was seating on his own in his office.
He politely decline but noted how he admired my style,"Going out on a Thursday night like if it was a Friday!"
"Well that's just me, wild. And the fact that I am working from home tomorrow"
Mr C: "How come?"
Me: "Broken washing machine being repaired. With a bit of chance I should be able to come back to work next week with clean clothes..." (best cheeky grin)
Mr C: "Well that will be a nice change for us!" (his best cheeky grin)
And yes, again, you have guest it, I bid farewell and escaped... bright red!

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