Sunday, 19 September 2010


There is time when life challenges you and this weekend was one of those.
I went to Mr Smile leaving do on Friday night, or more accurately I went for a drink with my colleagues at the bar where Mr Smile's leaving do was. Selfishly I was keen for my colleagues to leave so that I could go and join him. Unfortunately this did not happen until the time I had to leave to meet with my friend, Mr Ken. So I quickly caught up with him, got slightly teased by some of our colleagues, along the lines of "You can't let her go!" and so on. We stepped outside and agreed to meet again before he leaved.
The plan was originally to meet last night for his second  leaving do, with his friends this time. As he failed to call by the afternoon I called him. I know, this is not Rules like. But in all fairness I thought he may have saved my number on his work phone which I knew he had given back to his company. Anyway, we decided that it might be awkward for both of us if I went, a) he wouldn't have much time to chat with me whilst he caught up with his friends, b) I don't know any of his friends and might end up standing on my own most of the night.

Unfortunately that same day I had received an e-mail from my mum. My baby dog back home was very sick. My high school boyfriend had taken me to the dog rescue centre, 15 years ago, to pick up my very first dog. After viewing all the dogs we had gone back to the reception only to find this tiny puppy in a small cage on top of cages full of kittens. I instantly fell in love.He was 3 months old and he could sit on just one of my knees. He had never walked in grass and he pied like a girl. But he was by far the my biggest love. And now my baby was sick, very sick. I called my mum and she was in tears. She had taken him to the vet and it wasn't looking good. He was old, his breathing was fast and heavy and his heart was weak. Later that night she called me back, my baby had died in his sleep, in his favourite spot. My mum was crying and trying to reassure me/her feel better. Her grandson, as she called him, hadn't suffered. My dad couldn't talk, he was crying. I have only seen him cry twice. When his dad passed away and when my mum's dad passed away. He had always moaned about how I had left them this dog who was a pain in the butt to look after. That whenever they wanted to go somewhere they had to think about what to do with him. How he would poop everywhere. But despite all that, just like my mum and I, he had grown very fond of this little mongrel.
I was pleased I hadn't gone to the party after all. I had been home to take that call.
We had agreed to meet up Monday night for dinner, but the news of my dogs death shook me up more than I would have expected. I had crap Sunday, mainly going through pictures and old video of him playing with his Christmas present, defending hi tennis ball against my malignant hand mischievously trying to prise it from his paws whilst he chewed on my wrist.
And as much as I was keen to see Mr Smile before he left I didn't think I would be great company. I texted him to explaining that I had some bad news from back home and didn't feel up to dinner on Monday, I offered instead that we met up for coffee.
Within 10 minutes he called.
"Is it your dog?
Yes, he didn't make it.
For what you told me he seem to have had a great life. How are you doing?
Not great. But I know he didn't suffer.
Listen, I understand you don't want to dinner, and I know you say you couldn't do lunch, but would you have time for a quick lunch, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday? I still have to give you back your book."
Every time I need cheering up he finds a way to make me feel special. And so, just like that, Monday we are meeting for lunch. I can't guarantee that I will be able to keep my make up from running.

In memory of Jumbet - April 2005 - 18 September 2010
You brought me joy, love and laughter.
You will never be forgotten.

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