Monday, 6 September 2010

A burden shared is a burden halved

Last night I went out to a restaurants second birthday, courtesy of one of my friends. He texted me Saturday "I have a +1 for the 2nd b'day of a Japanese restaurant. Cocktails and canap├ęs. Tomorrow night. You're in?"
Me: "Well, I will have to cancel my 30 dates, but anything for you, cocktails and sushi!"
I although thought that this would be a good Rule Girl evening out. Meddling and meeting new people. I spent the day pampering myself (well overdue, the zoo was ready to come and add me to the Primate section!). I choose a nice pair of dark skinny jeans, a black loose top tight with a large brown belt and my brown high heels boots. I pulled my hair up for the trip in a bun to give them a bit of a wave prior to get to the party. All Rule Girl style, so far.
The Party turned out to be a much smaller affair than I expected and being a seat down one, there just wasn't much occasion for the mingling I was hoping for.
It actually allowed me to catch up with my friend. Properly catch up. And soon he was confiding how he too had suffered from a bad break up but still felt in love with the lady in question. For the last year and a half I too have been trying to get over someone who broke my heart and still find it difficult not to think about him and romantize our relationship. The truth is, you can't make someone who doesn't love you, love you. You can only do your best to live you life to its best and hope that one day you will meet the one person who you love and love you back equally. But sometimes it is easier say than done.

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